"Today we became part of the artwork"

"Today we became part of the artwork"

21st Sep 2022

Year 10 and 11 GCSE artists enjoyed an inspirational and memorable trip to Tate Britain this week. Pupils were immersed in a range of exciting installations which explored Britain’s transient cultural landscape. Stepping into artworks which they had previously only experienced through images, they felt part of the work itself which helped them forge personal connections to their individual projects. In addition to the temporary exhibitions of Cornelia Parker and Hew Locke, pupils had the opportunity to explore artworks in the permanent collection. 

“We were part of Hew Locke’s procession moving together to celebrate the work he has created and to inspire our own journeys. There was an interconnection between us and the artists. Through our shadows, we became part of Cornelia Parker’s artwork.”

Lucy & Millie, Year 11

“I really enjoyed Cornelia Parker’s ‘Cold Dark Matter’ (the exploding shed). At first look it was a chaotic mess, but on closer inspection I kept noticing new and interesting things.”

Jess, Year 10

“The movement which [Hew Locke] presented in his work suggested unison throughout time and he captured key moments in history…. the concealed element of the procession allowed us to interpret his work without shame or embarrassment, as his work celebrated all cultures, religions and opinions….the vibrant use of colour and texture brought the procession to life and added to the celebratory aspect of his work.”

Olive, Year 10

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